Delfino Marketing Communications, Inc.

Delfino Marketing Communications, Inc.


Here's who we are and what we do:

We are an integrated marketing communications agency with a unique approach
that’s based on differentiation and positioning

We practice consultative marketing, because listening is the key to success

For more than forty-five years, we’ve been delivering marketing solutions to regional, national and global clients

We are strategically focused on a select number of industries

Our goals are simple: help our clients succeed and have some fun along the way

"Good marketing makes
the company look smart.

Great marketing makes
the customer feel smart."

                                                                     – Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared

Our philosophy:

Today’s marketplace enables
immediate yet detailed access to
your brand, your technologies,
your company and your people.

You need to be ready, since these factors
will be compounded as the next generation
of communications technologies
becomes mainstream.

Every single interaction you have
with a client or prospect
is an opportunity to communicate
your differentiators.

From events to websites, advertising
to social media, emails to business cards,
every interaction leaves
a lasting impression.

Using the principles of integrated marketing communications,
we have developed a proven, strategic process that 
ensures our clients are prepared for every interaction

We begin with research: internally at the client level, looking deeply into your attributes, culture, strengths and weaknesses; then externally via competitive analysis and industry evaluation.

From there, we conceptualize the client’s brand platform, differentiation and unique selling points, which yields the client’s overall brand positioning.

Next, we develop the strategic marketing communications plan and consult on sales, marketing and operational requirements.

Our plan transitions the overall
brand positioning into tactical solutions via creative materials that are
compelling and message-driven.

These solutions are then implemented across targeted platforms that are selected based on reach, efficiency
and value – with no media bias.

Finally we test, measure and evaluate
the results, and adjust accordingly.

Our work: