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Marketing in a Clean Label World

by PD   | Feb. 28, 2017   |   clean label marketing

Clean labeling is no longer an option for marketers of foods, beverages, nutritionals and health & wellness products. Consumers avoid “red flag” ingredients and demand the actual (and perceived) benefits associated with products that feature clean labels.

In this white paper, we investigate what the clean label mega trend means to marketing professionals challenged by this consumer demand. It discusses consumer insights on both inclusion and exclusion, current practices and recent quantitative findings. Regardless of whether you are an ingredient supplier, brand manufacturer, or not even involved in the food industry, this paper will provide you with an interesting perspective on the impact of labeling on consumer behavior.

Download our white paper, Marketing in a Clean Label World, today.



Content Marketing and the Modern Marketer

by PD   | Jan. 30, 2017   |   content marketing

A well-designed content marketing program addresses the most important goals a marketer must face: brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention, and upsell. Its impact on modern marketing strategies is massive.

In this white paper, we take a detailed look at what content marketing means to the modern marketing professional, including a review of why it is so important to an integrated marketing communications plan, how to apply and master a winning content marketing strategy, and a review of the five key steps one must take when planning a successful program.

Download our white paper, Content Marketing and the Modern Marketer, to learn more.



Getting Ready for the “Color of the Year”

by PD   | Oct. 28, 2016   |   color & design

At some point during the next couple of months, Pantone will release its “Color of the Year” for 2017. As a world-renowned authority on color, Pantone’s announcement is very much anticipated in the graphic design, fashion and interior design industries. For graphic artists, Pantone has literally been the standard for color since 1963, when the Pantone Matching System was launched. Today, we pay close attention to the Color of the Year announcement because of its direct and indirect impact on what we do. Late last year, and for the first time in its history, Pantone designated a blend of two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, as its 2016 Color of the Year... (read more)



Technology, Data and ROI: How Marketing Automation Made B2B Marketing Sexy

by PD   | Sept. 29, 2016   |   marketing automation

The creator of the TV series "Mad Men," Matt Weiner, did more to make advertising cool than anyone since Ridley Scott directed the famous "1984" Super Bowl ad for Apple. Television advertising has always been the glamorous side of the agency business; agencies handling the B2B world were sometimes snickered at within the industry, viewed as having some skills, but not talented enough to handle "real" accounts (the big brands). But it's now being said that there's a new area of sexy in the marketing world, and it's B2B. Why? Because marketing automation has done what was long considered impossible: deliver marketing ROI accurately. So what is marketing automation? Why is it important for you, the B2B marketer, to understand it? And most importantly, if you're not already in it, should you be? Let's take a deeper look... (read more)



The Strike 3 Foundation

by PD   | Aug. 31, 2016   |   a good cause

As summer winds down and we ramp up for the September push, I thought it would be a good time to take a break from writing about marketing topics and talk a bit about a great organization we are working with. (More on marketing will be coming soon – look for an important email and blog post about Marketing Automation in September.)

So, have you played any WIFFLE® Ball lately? Would you like to?

Let’s start at the beginning. A few years ago, a client and good friend introduced me to Craig Breslow, who at that time was a relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s. Craig has been called “the smartest man in baseball.” He graduated from Yale with a double-major in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, has done genetic research in his off seasons and was accepted into medical school at New York University... (read more)



Technology and the Future of Marketing: 5 Trends to Watch

by PD   | June 30, 2016   |   technology

It's been said that within two years, CMOs will be spending as much on IT as CIOs. Think about that for a minute – marketing departments spending as much on technology as the technology departments. That's an amazing concept, but also a telling one for those of us responsible for marketing. It means our reliance on data (and on those who analyze data) will continue to grow. It means more emphasis on mobile apps. It means new tools and new channels, some of which will be radically different than what is currently in vogue... (read more)



B2B Social Media or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Twitter

by PD   | May 27, 2016   |   b2b

I was invited to join Facebook years ago as a way to participate in a reunion party with college friends. My feelings about it then, and since, have been mixed. For the most part, the experience has made me ask myself a lot of questions: What does this transformative medium mean for our clients and our agency? Where does the social part of social media end, and the business part begin?... (read more)



Content Marketing: Knowledge is Power

by PD   |  April 29, 2016   |   content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most valuable tools a marketer can use, and for good reason. Consider the evolution of the Internet and how it has affected marketing communications. The web has evolved from a resource to introduce the basics about a product or a company to the home of the entire branding and messaging platform... (read more)



Trade Show Management: 10 Lessons Learned

by PD   |   March 30, 2016   |   trade shows

In the thirty-plus years that I’ve worked here at the agency, we have participated in more trade shows and conferences than I can count. Foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional products, landscape design, construction, finance, chemistry services... (read more)



Establishing a Brand Positioning Statement

by PD   |   Feb. 18, 2016   |   branding

The creative process isn't just about generating ideas, it's about generating ideas that will succeed because they are based on sound thinking. If your agency or internal team isn't following a proven process for brand positioning, then good luck to them. It doesn't mean they might not strike gold (like my brother-in-law likes to say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile), but it might be fool's gold... (read more)